Someone is waiting, waiting for her
I've got the feeling she won't find it here
Someone is waiting and no one seems to care
No one seems to understand it's lonely for her
Somebody lost their heart
They're looking in here
Has anyone seen a runaway heart
keep looking, looking in here
Can anyone tell me how to find my way home?
I forget the street name and the number
but if you know it could you show me how?
And I've wondered at these moments, moments
Of painful pasts and getting past our knowing
Who's knowing anymore than you or I did
When we were three (or four or maybe even more)
Trying to get back, trying to get back, trying to get back
To the place where I'm just me
Too many people, too many turn away
well what's the point in lying I just get tired anyway
How do I let you see some one who isn't there
Well that's the way at least it feels
And I know someone is waiting, waiting, to show me the way
I'll never let on that I'm lost in here
but just walk with me and talk with me and hold me if I cry
And Simon says: I've got a life for you, life for, life for you
Just obey my rules and I'll be good to you, good to, good to you
Lover be mine
Love me, love me, love me he says I need you, need you, need you
Love me, love me, love me she says,
I'm trying, I'm trying just to be
But someone is waiting I know he's waiting
Someplace, someplace else for me
But now that I know me,
I think I'm happy, I'm happy just to be
It isn't something you can think
It's something you just know