Sharon Bee


Sharon Bee is a singer-songwriter, a classically trained pianist, an award winning composer and a piano teacher. She also teaches music theory and music history. She has performed at many venues and festivals, composed the music & lyrics for three complete musicals (as well as incidental music for several plays), and has developed the music for a series of radio plays being produced out of Halifax,one of which is Old Wounds – the Firefly tribute.

In between these activities, she writes her own music and lyrics. She has two CDs, angels are everywhere and Old Wounds. Angels are everywhere is a vocal CD, which was released in 2004. Old Wounds is a collection of primarily instrumental music which was composed for the radio drama/ Firefly tribute, Old Wounds.

Her voice, as inspiring as it is beautiful, has been described as "a voice like an angel" 1 and has been compared to Tori Amos and Kate Bush (among others). Her writing has also been described as reminiscent of Canadian Jane Siberry.

Described as "ethereal and irresistible,"2 "warm and soothing,"3 “radiates strength and conviction”... 4

“Her singing is sweetness combined with light. [The song] ‘Golden Cry’ is true poetry. She is one of the great new and relatively unknown Canadian talents”5. Many have simply described both her voice and her music as truly unique - and decidedly Canadian. “When Sharon sings you can’t help but listen!” 6
Sharon is a graduate of the Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario (Classical Piano Performance). She was born and raised in Toronto – Don Mills, and currently resides in London, Ontario.

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